EZTechhelp along with other technology companies have partnered together to offer free IT support for small businesses that need it most.

The Small Business IT Services Relief Initiative is a free program we are offering to affected businesses that need critical IT support and remote work solutions. No commitment necessary

Services and Benefits

  • Up to 3 months of free critical IT support services and products
  • A dedicated contact/representative to assist and coordinate all your needs
  • Assistance with procurement, setup and support of remote access technologies including teleconferencing and remote desktop applications
  • Technical support and end user assistance for all employee’s
  • Endpoint Security products to protect all your computer systems in all locations
  • Remote management tools for your IT staff to support and monitor endpoints

We have partnered with Comodo in order to offer free technical tools and security products such as their Advanced Endpoint Security solution. With the drastic rise of malicious cyber-activity, this provides powerful protection of computer endpoints.

Products and Tools

Fill out the form below to submit an application and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We wish everyone good health and strong resolve as we navigate past these trying times!

SMB IT Relief Application Form